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Shoolini Durga

Worship of Shoolini Durga

Shoolini Durga

When Lord Shiva incarnated as Lord Sharabheshwarar, Goddess Pratyankara appeared from one of His wings. Shoolini Durga appeared from the other wing. Shoolini Durga wards off all kinds of dangers. If any difficulties are predicted in our horoscope and this Devi is worshipped, the difficulties are warded off. Even otherwise, if She is worshipped, the worshipper reaps benefits. Devotees surrendering to her are always protected.

This Devi was born as Daakshayani, the daughter of Daksha and immolated Herself during his yagya. At that time, Lord Shiva took Her dead body around the cosmos, in sorrow. Maha Vishnu sent His sudarshan chakra to cut Her body into pieces. Wherever the pieces fell, the place began to be called as a Shakti Peetha. The secret power inside the Shakti Peethas is Shoolini Durga. In her next birth, She was born as Himalaya Putri Parvati and became one with Lord Shiva.

Her 4 hands hold mace, seashell, disc and trident. Some people call this Devi as Vishnu Durga because She holds the weapons that Lord Vishnu also holds. She wears a crown studded with diamonds. She wears a tandai with gold beads and ruby stones, which represents the Sun, around Her feet. She has an attractive face, which oozes grace for us.

The trident holds the 3 powers – mind, speech and body. It also contains people’s desire, knowledge and action. People take birth and die due to its power. The trident facilitates the people’s meeting with a good mentor. It also contains the power that pushes us toward performing a justified action. Earning good things in a moralistic way and the happiness that we get from it also comes from the trident.

This Durga is calmness personified. She has the power to destroy all adharma. All those who worship Her with full faith; get long lives full of happiness, good health, victory in life’s battles and the courage to oppose injustice. Worshipping Her on a Tuesday is beneficial, especially with a small or large trident. We can worship Her by placing a metal Devi face on the middle portion of the trident. Since She wards off all Graha Doshas, She can also be worshipped with Lord Hanuman on Saturdays.

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