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Worship of Shoolini Durga

When Lord Shiva incarnated as Lord Sharabheshwarar, Goddess Pratyankara appeared from one of His wings. Shoolini Durga appeared from the other wing. Shoolini Durga wards off all kinds of dangers. If any difficulties are predicted in our horoscope and this Devi is worshipped, the difficulties are warded off. Even otherwise, ...

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Shani Amavasya (Part IV)

That day being a Saturday, it is also important for Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman can be worshipped as Panchamukhi Hanuman or in the normal form. We can light lamps with jasmine oil (with a few sesame seeds). We can also apply jasmine oil mixed with sindoor to Lord Hanuman’s feet ...

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Uthpanna Ekadashi

This time, Uthpanna Ekadashi fell on a Tuesday. Uthpanna Ekadashi is already a special day for Vaishnavites. Since it fell on Tuesday, it is hailed as a very special day. Ekadashi appeared on this day during Satyayuga. The story goes as follows: During Satyayuga, there was a Rakshasa called Moor. ...

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Angaraka Chaturthi

The Chaturthi after Guru Poornima was a special one and is called Angaraka Chaturthi or Sankashti because it fell on Tuesday this time. On that day, Lord Ganesha has to be worshipped. We can worship Lord Ganesha like we have mentioned in our post on Ganesh Chaturthi. Or we can ...

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Guru Poornima

The Poornima after Vaikuntha Chaturdashi is called Guru Poornima. On this day, we worship Lord Satyanarayana and Goddess Mahalakshmi. We have already shared about this before. On this day, Lord Shiva had killed Tripurasura and thus, we worship Lord Shiva as well. Lord Vishnu had also taken the Matsya Avatara ...

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Dhan Triyodashi

There are a few festivals that were celebrated after Karva Chauth. I will share about them later. Today, I am sharing about Dhan Trayodashi or Dhanvantri Jayanti that fell on last Tuesday. When the milky ocean was churned, one of the items that came out was Amruta Kalasha with Lord ...

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The Triyodashi after the Vijaya Dashami is very important. The week-day, on which the Triyodashi falls, is also important. This time it fell on a Tuesday, making it important for Lord Hanuman. This timePradosha ,  also fell on this day, making it important for Lord Shiva. Tuesday is auspicious for ...

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On Navaratri (Part VI)

The third day of Navaratri belongs to Devi Chandraghanta. A crescent moon adorns the forehead of this Devi like a bell. Thus, Her name is Chandraghanta. She has several weapons in her 10 hands and is always ready to vanquish the evil. She protects devotees from unknown fear, fear of ...

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Benefits of Panchamukha Hanuman Worship

Panchamukha Hanuman represents bravery, humility, devotion, pada-seva (seva of the Lord’s feet) and strength. If we pray to Him for a few minutes every day, we will get several benefits out of it. They are as follows: East-looking face is of Lord Hanuman. If we pray to this face, we ...

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Benefits of Abhishekam of Lord Hanuman

Abhishekam by various sacred materials of Lord Hanuman give different benefits as follows: 1. Til Oil: It wards off Shani Dosham and Pitru Dosham. 2. Panchamritam: The person will attain desired goals. 3. Milk: The person will attain peace and it wards off water-scarcity. 4. Curd: The person will receive ...

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