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Utpanna Ekadashi

Uthpanna Ekadashi

This time, Uthpanna Ekadashi fell on a Tuesday. Uthpanna Ekadashi is already a special day for Vaishnavites. Since it fell on Tuesday, it is hailed as a very special day. Ekadashi appeared on this day during Satyayuga.


The story goes as follows:

During Satyayuga, there was a Rakshasa called Moor. He fought with every Deva and occupied all the worlds to trouble everybody. They went to Maha Vishnu to resolve this problem. He also accepted the request and went to fight with Moor. But, Maha Vishnu could not vanquish the Rakshasa. Maha Vishnu decided to trick the Rakshasa and went into a cave to go into Yoga Nidra. Good warriors do not fight people, who are sleeping. Moor also restrained from attacking the Lord.

Utpanna Ekadashi

At that time, a beautiful girl appeared from the cave. Moor was attracted to the girl. However, she challenged him to a fight. He also decided to fight with her. She tricked and killed him. When Maha Vishnu woke up from His Yoga Nidra, He saw Moor dead. He asked, “Who killed the Rakshasa?”

A beautiful girl appeared before Him and told Him that she had killed the Rakshasa.

Maha Vishnu asked, “Who are you?”

She replied, “I came out of Your body. My name is Ekadashi. I killed him.”

Maha Vishnu told her, “You have done a good job. You can ask Me 3 boons. I will make it happen.”

She said, “My first desire is to stay with You always. My second request is I should be considered the most important day of the month. People, performing vrata on my day, should attain all types of prosperity and happiness. They should have a long life and then reach moksha.”

Maha Vishnu gave her all the 3 boons.

We perform the pooja of Tulasi Plant with Maha Vishnu on this day. Shalagrama and Vishnu Pada should also be worshipped on this day. We should offer Tulasi leaves, flowers and sandalwood powder. We should wash the Vishnu Pada and Shalagrama with water from Shankha. We can offer shodashopachara or panchopachara according to our convenience. Vishnu Sahasranama should be chanted at this time.

The Naivedyam will be made thus: Roast wheat flour in ghee. Pour heated cow’s milk into it and mix. Add sugar and pieces of ripe banana. Mix everything together and offer it with Tulasi leaves. We have to distribute the Naivedyam to devotees and then, partake of it.

Since this was a Tuesday, we worshipped Lord Hanuman as well. Lord Hanuman has not only helped Maha Vishnu during all His avatars but is also an immortal God. Also since it is Tuesday, we can worship Goddess Lalitamba.


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