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Standard of Living vs. Standard of Life
Standard of Living vs. Standard of Life

Standard of Living vs. Standard of Life (Part IV)

Now, it’s time to compare standard of living vs. standard of life. Comparing standard of living vs. standard of life is a vast topic. However, A Journalist Reveals will try to make is short and understandable through this and the last part of the article.


Standard of Living vs. Standard of Life:

Gautam Buddha is not the only person, who has given up luxuries and living on meager necessities, more recently. We have seen some highly qualified and earning medical experts from the hospital where my parents are being treated, commuting on scooters and rickshaws. One of them even walks to the hospital. An ophthalmologist couple gave up material life to settle in Brindavan, permanently. On the other hand, we have also seen a doctor having no patients traveling in 2-3 cars to create hype. A holistic healer travels within a couple of blocks to the hospital in her car.

A girl approached us a couple of days ago, post our beginning this series. Shobha Lamba (name changed on request) contacted us to tell us about her experiences, regarding standard of living and standard of life. She said, “Currently, a mishmash of standard of living and standard of life is being presented in front of us. How will you differentiate between the 2?”

Shobha’s Story:

Shobha is a medical doctor, a psychiatry-aspirant. Her husband used to be an engineer. Post a disabling accident after 4 years of marriage, he has become bed-ridden. They had to sell both their properties and settle in a flat with her old parents-in-law. Her dreams were dashed to the rocks, due to this. But, she did not give up.

She brought medical books from libraries and began a study on her own. Friends in her network helped her with practical knowledge. As a result, she could open a clinic in the hall of her home and serve as a general practitioner. Her knowledge helped her treat patients better than most and she charged less than the others. She became popular in the neighborhood and started receiving patients from far and wide. She began seeing patients from 8 AM to 10 PM. Shobha hired an assistant and had to start an appointment system.

She could arrange for a cook as well as a maid for her in-laws and a caretaker for her husband. She says, “Standard of living and standard of life have to be measured in degrees and involve various factors. We had to curtain several expenses like dresses – we have 3 dresses each for home and 3 each for going out. We are using that money for good nutritious food and other things. On the one hand, our standard of living has been reduced; on the other, our standard of life has increased.”

To be continued…

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