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Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions (Part II)

Today, we share Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions (Part II) by Astro- Numerologist and relationship expert, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, who helps us understand the situations and how to handle them. This is the second and concluding part of the article. Read the first part here.


Challenges in Different Relationships and Solutions (Part II)

This part of the article has information on how to deal with situations with grandparents, romantic relationships – Unmarried and married and besties.

4. Familial Relationship –  Grandparents

Grandparents seem to love their grandchildren more than they love their own kids. Recent scientific research has proved that grandmas feel more affection for their grandkids than their offspring. While the relationship between them is a special one, grandchildren drift away from their grandparents during their teen and tween years. It is detrimental to the mental health of the elderly who feel excluded and alone. Plus, the child also misses out on love, care and affection crucial for their development.


It becomes the parents’ duty to establish a healthy relationship between the child and their grandparents before the kids enter adulthood. Spending festivals and a few days of vacation together will do the work.

Dear adult grandchildren, one phone call by you can make your grandparents’ day. Drop by their house more often. If physical proximity is a challenge, utilize technology such as Zoom and FaceTime. Grandparents can also bridge the gap by similar means.

5. Romantic Relationship –  Unmarried Couples

Being protective of one’s partner is entirely okay and actually healthy until it shifts to something negative and dangerous, also infamous as “Jealousy”. Unrestrained and irrational jealousy can move into multiple areas of your life.

From showing fierce dislike toward your colleagues from the opposite gender to being jealous of the love you shower on your family members – intense jealousy is set to end your relationship.


Find out why your partner is feeling insecure. Is it because you’re spending less time with them or not sharing true details of your whereabouts? Acknowledge the reason and try to make them feel secure with effective communication.

If you are the one who is getting jealous, accept it, communicate it to your partner, establish some ground rules and try to search and deal with the reasons for your insecurities. If possible, seek therapy.

6. Romantic Relationship: Married Couples

After a while in a marriage, passion seems to wither away, romantic surprises are limited to anniversaries and birthdays and efforts are no longer appreciated.

You may consider your partner’s efforts as their duty allowing you to take your partner for granted – a secret formula to ruin a blissful married life. As you think there’s no possibility of them leaving you now, you expect them to tolerate your worst behavior.


Don’t let the sparks die in your married life. After all, who likes stale things? Maintain excitement by being grateful for everything your partner does for you.

Little things like “thank yous” and “love yous”, to crucial aspects like refraining from disloyalty and considering your partner’s choice before making important decisions are how you thrive in a loving and long-term relationship, despite its obstacles.

7. Interpersonal Relationship – Best Friend

Friends make life a little more tolerable and worth cherishing. Out of them, your best friend holds an immensely special place. It’s an unconditional relationship, you take up purely out of choice. However, things may start getting bitter once they begin giving more importance to new friends.

They may now spend their weekends with another group and stop showing up for you as they used to before. This may give rise to ‘distance’ between best friends who begin to condemn each other for inconsistency, abandonment or even emotional betrayal.


In such situations, feeling sad, furious and rejected is expected. Yet, the best solution to save you the heartbreak, as well as the friendship is to talk to your best friend.

Communication always beats silent treatment. Instead of giving the ‘tit for tat’ treatment to your best friend or dropping subtle hints, directly communicate how you feel without resentment. The other person should also work toward maintaining the precious relationship by making time for their old friend as well.

Though marriage can also bring more responsibilities into your life and besties can lose touch, technology can bridge the gap of time and even distance.


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