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The Shameful Act of a Teacher’s Son

Since Navaratri my Mom and Dad have been ill. 3 people have performed black magic on us to kill my parents, so that I become helpless. I will share elaborately about this, another day. I have a really hectic schedule at this moment taking care of both my parents. The only reason I am taking to the website today is that someone saw this incident and told us to share it. I won’t reveal the person’s name. Otherwise, these people will perform black magic on them also.

Today, I was taking my Dad and Mom to the hospital because both were seriously ill. While we were trying to hail a rickshaw, we saw the elder son of the male teacher, living in our building, who insisted that I stop studying, since there was no need to study according to him. This boy was standing with 2 other boys. When we passed them, he told the other boys to show nose-cut. The boy, who did it, is unknown to us. Even the teacher’s son is not known to us. Later, we got to know that his name is Kunal. We are not bothered about these people. But, they try to insult and cause injury to us through unknown people. Everybody was looking mercifully at us because we were taking Dad, an otherwise very active man, holding him, to find a rickshaw. Mom got angry and she did nose-cut twice and blew her nose to throw at him. Then, she did a nose-cut again and asked, “What is wrong with you?”

Mom also told me, “If I had a son like this teacher’s son I would have committed suicide. I hold my head high to have received platinum girls like you both.”

Also, I need to add that this male teacher supports the black magic that Our Lady of Intolerance and company indulge in, against us. When Kunal was going to give his board exams, he called us prosti*****. This is the pooja that Our Lady of Intolerance taught these people. When the results came, it was equal to a fart. It was not like the results a school teacher’s child gets. What kind of woman the mother of these boys would be? It is disgusting.

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