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A Tribute to an Inspiration!

A Tribute to an Inspiration!

Today, we are offering A Tribute to an Inspiration! On this day, one year back our motivation was lost with the death of a person, who would always encourage us. Hayagrivan Krishnamurthy Rao was a great devotee of Raghavendra Swamy. Besides visiting Mantralayam Road, he was the one, who installed silver Brindavana, Prahalada Raya and pallaki at Shree Balaji Temple, Mira Road. He would organize Raghavendra Swamy’s aaradhana in this temple.


We come from the family line of Raghavendra Swamy. After leaving Goregoan, we had forgotten our Grandfather. It was Hayagrivan Uncle, who put us back in the track. This little article is only a small part of the inspiration that he gave us. Here is Hayagrivan Mama’s wife Prema Aunty’s interview talking about her husband.

Hayagrivan Rao

A Tribute to an Inspiration!

When was Uncle born?

On 09.06.1955.

Where was he born?

Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

How was he inspired to take up engineering and then teaching?

He was quite interested in engineering right from childhood. He used to dismantle and repair typewriters and such items. Regarding teaching, it was in his genes.  His grandmother was a Hindi teacher and his father and maternal uncle had been CEOS and DEOs in the education depatment.

When and how was he inspired to take up spiritually?

Though right from childhood he visited many temples in South India and serious interest in spirituality started after his retirement in 2013.

How did he fall ill?

In 2008, he had a paralytic stroke and recovered from it after intensive medication and physiotherapy. Now, in Aug 2019 he developed multiple disorders like big clot from the vocal chords to his left brain. He just complained of not being able to raise his right hand for which we took him to a premium hospital Mira Road. On performing the MRI, the clot was found. Just before that he developed a stroke. The doctors wanted to operate but he got a heart attack on the operation table so they postponed it and performed the operation on the 2nd day. The operation was successful but he could not speak because they had to do a tracheostomy. Till the end, he could not speak. He was in this premium hospital for one month but doctors told that he would need ventilation for a long time and better arrange for a portable ventilator. Then, he was brought home but within 2 to 3 hours the breathlessness increased so we had to admit him again in another hospital.  He survived for 21 days there and on 22nd day he expired. So, right from August 5 evening to September 26, 2019, he was in the hospital. 

A few words about him, what do you think.

A good life partner. We had 33 years of matrimony. Loving, caring and a wonderful person. We had both been on a pilgrimage to several temples in the last 2 years. We all miss him. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Shantihi.


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