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The Shadow Throne

The Shadow Throne Review

About the author: Aroon Raman is an entrepreneur and author from India. He did MA (Economics) from Jawaharlal Nehru University and MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Raman heads Raman Fibrescience and has written 2 novels, till now.
About the book: Written over a period of 6 months, The Shadow Throne involves spying and treachery of the highest level. It all starts with the investigative reporter, Chandrasekhar Iyer being called to a murder site to investigate the murder of a flat-skulled, tall man by his friend, Inspector Syed Ali Hassan. Chandrasekhar and Hassan are convinced, by Hassan’s cousin ISI’s Gul Mohammad, into going to Afghanistan to investigate the reason for the murder, which involved the mysterious organization Xiphos Soter. Chandrasekhar’s friend Meenakshi Pirzada also gets involved, being a history professor. The RAW convinces Meenakshi that Hassan is a traitor and when she conveys that message to Chandrasekhar, he takes off on his own in an unknown rugged country. How the men, dodging dangers, avert a major man-made disaster is all about The Shadow Throne.
My take: It took me some time to read this book. I couldn’t concentrate on it for some time in the beginning. Then I pulled myself to read it because I had promised the author that I would do a review. But when the scene; where someone shoots Chandrasekhar, while he is attempting to get into a vehicle while going to Afghanistan; came, things started moving faster. I would read late into the night until the sleep angel covered my eyes with her dream potion. Then… Hey, Stop. I will say the whole story! You, Guys, get the book and read it. It is much more than interesting. It is fantastic!

The Shadow Throne
The Shadow Throne

Book Title: The Shadow Throne.
Genre(s): Thriller.
Author: Aroon Raman.
Publisher (Year): Pan Macmillan (2012).
ISBN: 978-81-923-9800-6.
Number of Pages: 332.
Price: 250.


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