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Eye Make-up

Current Trends in Eye Make-up

By Pooja Goel
Beauty, fashion and style changes with the season and it is always very exciting to see new make-up techniques and innovations, hair styles ideas and much loved beauty products. Season should not be a limitation for the girls who want to look good looking and beautify themselves. Here is what you can try in the marvelous winter looks and trends. So, let us stroll through the current winter eye make-up trends for you. Enjoy!
Current Eye Make-up Trends: Right now there are certain trends happening suitable to various situations in our daily life, like party time and the casual.
Casual Eye Make-up:
1. Start with eye primer first. After the primer application, apply a light natural color in the inner corner of the eye.
2. On the outer edge apply a bit darker color of the same family, which has been applied earlier on the inner side, but there should be no sharp shapes on the outer edge as it is a casual day make-up.
3. For eyeliner use a pencil liner, for a more casual look.
4. Define eye brows with eyebrow filling colors.
5. For mascara use transparent color mascara for the casual look.

Casual Look
Casual Look

The Party Look:
1. Concealing if required.
2. Eye Primer.
3. You should be careful while choosing the eye shadow color. Choose any three of your favorite shades of it from your eye shadow palette. You should start with the darkest shade near your lashes, a medium shade in the middle and the lightest near your brow. This will make your eyes look bright and beautiful.
4. Apply a sharp liquid black eye liner for the party look.
5. Use black color mascara for that intense look.
6. Eyebrows should also be defined with black and brown colors.
Smokey Eye Make-up:
1. Concealing.
2. Eye Primer.
3. Eye Shadow: You can also choose an eye shadow that matches your dress. Always start applying from the inner corner of eyes and end on the outer corner and blend them nicely. Another coat of black eye-shadow should be applied over the middle of the lids and then moving further to the outer curves of the eyes.
4. Eyeliner: Apply thin eyeliner over the lids and kajal (Kohl) pencil under inside your eyes, for a more intense look.

Smokey Look
Smokey Look

How to Hide Flaws in Eye Make-up: It is only human to have flaws. So often the face structure particularly the eyes can show certain flaws without make. Here is how these flaws can be hidden.
Contour: You do not need expensive, invasive plastic surgery to look your best. If there are areas of your face that you would like to emphasize or retreat into the shadows learn some basic contouring techniques. On the other hand, you can call attention to specific areas using powder and even light-colored concealers.
Puffy eyes: Puffy eyes are the problem with the women who work a lot and do not take care of themselves. To hide this problem with the help of make-up, you can apply cream, lotion, foundation, suitable eye shadow and eye liner. Massage your face with proper moisturizer as it is required to reduce puffiness in the eyes. This will reduce the puffiness under the eyes, if done regularly. For immediate effect, you should use base toning with the skin tone and apply it all over the face. Puffiness can be concealed with a dark eye shadow or blend of two eye shadows – one medium dark and other light. Apply eye liner of a darker color to hide the puffiness for lower eye lid.
Dark Circles: When you lighten dark circles, suddenly every line under your eyes is brought into high definition. So use very creamy concealers. Always start with an eye moisturizer, Let it absorb for five minutes and then start applying the concealer with a brush at the inner corner of the eye. Gently pat in the concealer then dab on the slightest hint of translucent powder with a tiny puff or eye shadow brush.
Bronzer: You will be using Blush and bronzer here. Begin by applying your usual face products like BB/CC creams, foundation or compact. Next step is to wet a feathery blush brush into the bronzer. Pick a bronzer shade that’s very close to your skin tone, so that the after effects should not look artificial. Now suck in your cheeks. Sweep the bronzer along the solid place that forms under your cheekbones. When you have finished with the above step, you can apply a soft-colored blush to the apples of your cheek using another blush brush. The last, essential step is as follows: Always apply a clean powder brush to blend the contour bronzer and blush together, so that there is no obvious streaks of bronzer or blush on your skin.

Eye Make-up
Eye Make-up

About Pooja Goel: Pooja Goel is a make-up artist and the owner of Khoobsurat salon, spa and academy.

Pooja Goel
Pooja Goel

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