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My Mom - the Greatest!
Aditi Iyer says - My Mom - the Greatest!

My Mom – the Greatest!

A Journalist Reveals came across this little 14-year-old singer Aditi Iyer and since Mother’s Day was around the corner, we asked a few questions about how she felt about her mother. Her mother, Sangeetha Iyer’s interview was published yesterday. So, let’s see why Aditi says – My Amma Greatest!


Who from your point-of-view is a mother?

A mother, to me, is someone who spends a lot of time with her child and understands her emotions. She’s also someone, who makes her child comfortable enough to share almost everything with her and, most importantly, lets her child do what they love and is happy if they’re happy. And, my mother is that mother.

Do you see that ideal mother in your Mom?

Yes, definitely. I’m really comfortable with sharing everything with her and she understands my emotions and always hears me out. She knows just by my expressions how I’m feeling and is very caring to me. Also, music isn’t the conventional path that parents tell their children to do. It doesn’t promise routine or day-to-day comfort and by wanting to be a world-famous singer, I will have to go through a long and strenuous journey that will take years and years of sheer hard work and will give me many moments of doubt. My mother still supports me through all of this and doesn’t force me to get great marks at school, as most parents do so I can focus more on music. She does this only because I love music and because it makes me happy. I don’t know if many mothers would sacrifice their own personal interests like my Mom for what their child loves to do.

Have you ever stayed away from your mother? If yes, what was the occasion? How did you feel then?

I have stayed away from my Mom for four days in my school camp and yes, I missed my Mom during those times but I was still okay because I had my friends around me to cheer me up and I know I will have to be independent on many occasions in my life. And, my parents will always be there for me.

My Mom - the Greatest! says Aditi Iyer.
My Mom – the Greatest! says Aditi Iyer.

Any memorable incidents with your mother depicting motherhood?

I have many memorable incidents with my mom. I’d like to share that in one of my earlier schools, I was bullied and at those times my Mom always stood by me. I was bullied mainly by a few girls (those girls taught me the most important lesson of life, don’t let people with an inferiority complex, make you feel inferior), there was one girl in particular who put me down the most. My mother talked to me and encouraged me to stand up for myself all the time and one day, during swimming when that girl forcibly tried to take away my swimming goggles telling me I didn’t deserve it, I told her to get lost for the first time and took my goggles back. After that, nobody ever bullied me again. My Mom also talked to the director of the school and the concerned teachers. And I wrote my first original song about anti-bullying, ‘Who You Are’.

Another incident would be probably all the times I’ve faced rejection in my music. My Mom has always been there for me and encouraged me to never give up and also that I would get many more chances in the future which I believe is a hundred percent true.


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