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From a Mother to the World!
Singer Aditi Iyer with her mother, Sangeetha Iyer. From a Mother to the World!

From a Mother to the World!

The mother moulds us in her womb as well as outside it. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, A Journalist Reveals brings to our readers a few moments with a mother. This is Singer Aditi Iyer’s mother, Sangeetha Iyer. So, here’s From a Mother to the World!


Who is a mother according to you?

Motherhood is absolutely everything in my life. My calling is being Aditi’s mother. A mom is someone, who supports her child in everything, nurtures her with kindness and teaches her child to stand up for who she is and is there for her child no matter what.

How have you applied your concept in your own life?

My life is all about my daughter, Aditi. I support her always in what she loves to do, which is music and singing. By the grace of God, my husband (Aditi’s Dad) supports me to try to be a great mother. I am blessed to be Aditi’s mom and have always supported her no matter what and there’s nothing in this world that I love more than Aditi.

Who do you think is the best mother?

I’d like to believe for a child their mother is the greatest. Aditi might say I am the world’s best mother and I feel very blessed to be her mother.

Have you come across a good mother in your life?

My mother is a good mother. She has been there for me and I love her a lot. We speak every day and by the grace of God, I meet my parents regularly and ensure Aditi spends enough time with her grandparents.

Any memorable incidents with Aditi bringing out motherhood in you?

I feel very grateful that Aditi and I share a beautiful bond and there are so many memorable moments in my life because of her. I will share two below:

  1. Aditi was about four years old and going to British School in Jakarta. She had just started writing words and one of her first words were – ‘The best mother in the world is Sangeetha Iyer’. (I am sharing that picture with you). And her teacher, Mrs. Duncan shared it with me and I couldn’t stop crying.
  2. Aditi’s very perceptive of my emotions so much so that she will know what I am going through without me ever uttering a word. On one such occasion, she knew I was a bit under because one of my good friends had let me down. And she helped me get over that and I truly have a best friend in Aditi.

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