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Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (XXVII)

The senior man has been stealing the magazines that come in my Dad’s name and all the post and courier coming in my name. This man also supports Our Lady of Intolerance by stealing the cheques I get. The man has been giving us so many troubles.

They have been performing black magic. They also say that when they perform black magic and abuse all the 3 of us, whatever they desire happens. The recent Republic Day was spent by us tolerating a lot of their abuse. This senior citizen went out of limits while abusing us using the street dogs.

That day, a foreign-returned doctor, who had a clinic on our ground floor, wanted to open an ICU and they did this nuisance. Will such a hospital, which has been opened by abusing a pair of helpless senior citizens and their only support, their daughter, flourish? How the doctor supported this, we wonder. How can this be considered within the limits of medical ethics?

People should advise Our Lady of Intolerance that what they are doing is not right. But, why are they supporting her and giving us intolerable troubles? Is it justified? Are they trying to kill us and get our place free of cost? Whoever comes to our home, they convince them against us. People might say 100% lies. But these people say 1000% lies.

On top of that, these people are enjoying the whole thing. The group includes doctors, medical representative, teacher, businessmen, etc. We do not know what they get out of this.

This senior citizen follows my Dad when Dad goes out in the morning to get milk and frightens him from behind. At 81+, wouldn’t my Dad get a heart attack due to this? If my Dad dies, will they be able to return his life? We wonder what kind of game is this. One day, this man threatened to hit my Dad and had even lifted his hand for the purpose. His son threatened of dire consequences. This happened without our doing anything.

We have given a complaint to the police. They have told us to go for a proper civil case. We have given to them in writing that if something happens to us; all these people from this building would be responsible.

These people have so much time to torture us morning till late night. If they use this time and their brains in a good way, to sort the issue of stray dogs, then this country will be the best one in the world.

We also remember a diseased dog was trying to find a place to die, peacefully. These people hit it with stones and sticks to kill it mercilessly.

To be continued…

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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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