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Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (XXVI)

The man from the BMC came with the dog van, again the next day. Mom told them to visit Dolly’s mother to find out where the dogs were. The man left the in charge of the dog van near our place to handle the situation. The in charge of the dog van went to meet Dolly’s mother. She told him that someone has driven the dogs away from our place and requested him to go to the nearby places to catch the dogs.


There were a couple of half dead dogs somewhere else. The in charge came to talk to Mom saying that the dogs have been beaten up so badly that they are half dead. They had done a very bad deed. Previously, street dogs were shot. New rules had it that the dogs were not to be harmed. The BMC only caught live dogs to sterilize them and leave them in the same area. Mom took them to Dolly’s mother.

The in charge demanded an explanation about the half dead dogs. These dogs would not be able to be sterilized, nor taken away as dead. They said that dogs would throng here because there were 2-3 chicken and mutton shops near the mosque, where all waste products were placed for them to eat. The definitely would get attracted to the waste products.

Then he said, “4-5 crows, 2-3 pigeons and 2-3 sparrows are lying dead here and there. We suspect something has happened over here.”

Dolly’s mother and other women looked with fear and tears in their eyes at Mom. Immediately, Mom took Dolly’s mother aside and told her to call the political leader to ask him what to do. She did so and was told that she should sign the document saying that the problem has been resolved.

After the dog van left, the women of our building felt that if they had waited a couple of days, then the dog van would have taken the dogs alive. Who knows how many dogs have died and how many are yet to die?

Since we remember this incident, we should write about an incident that happened in the place we live right now.

Here we have to mention about Our Lady of Intolerance. Her daughter stole small stuff from our home. When the safety door only would be shut, this girl and her brother would keep looking inside. They would not only look inside to find out what was happening, but also watch our TV despite the fact that they had a TV of their own. Mom says that children, who are studying, should not watch so much TV. Many times, the girl would be looking into the house without combing the hair. Only the girl’s head would be seen with the curly hair. When we glance outside suddenly, she would look like a ghost and we would be frightened. Then we began to close the inner door as well.

Since then, whenever we would go out or come inside for any purpose, the woman began to abuse us using cuss words. We tolerated it for more than 25 days. We spoke to a lady police constable about this problem, once when we had gone out. She told us to return it with thanks. Mom picked up a few words (we did not understand many of the words) and began abusing her with them. Mom never let me get involved in this.

Our Lady of Intolerance went to the other religion family on the second floor saying that we have started abusing her, without saying that she began the whole thing. There is a senior citizen in that family, who is ready to do anything. The man has been following me as well, wherever I go, and wants to molest me. They also want to kill my Mom. They even use cuss words while passing our door.

These people perform very strong black magic as well. Why did these people belonging to a different religion have to poke their noses into this business? The senior man began to call us as dogs and would throw stones on street dogs, whenever he saw one. He even would call these dogs by my parents’ names and would make his granddaughters and grandson hit the dogs with stones.

To be continued….


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