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Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami

The ascetic, we were talking about toward the end of the posts on On Navaratri, also talked about the Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami. He said, “Navaratri is mostly for kanyas and suhasinis. But, did widows perform any sinful act? Our culture forgets about them. When a man loses his wife, ...

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On Navaratri (Part XVIII)

The rules and regulations of placing Golu say that there should be a small pond in front of the Golu. Since we came to this place, we have not been able to follow the rules. I just remembered an incident with Dolly. We had kept Jala Krida and Rasa Krida ...

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On Navaratri (Part XVII)

This Dussehra, Mohurrum also arrived this time. Some people performed the visarjan of the worship area the next day. Even we are secular people. Thus, we also performed the visarjan the next day. People, who had grown jow, either leave the plants below banyan tree or under a pipal tree ...

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On Navaratri (Part XVI)

On Dussehra day, Shami plant is bought and placed on the West side of the house and Beejakshara Mantra of Shani is chanted; then the doshas connected to this planet are resolved. A banyan tree should be planted in a temple or roadside and nurtured. These trees are usually not ...

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On Navaratri (Part XV)

The tenth day is Dussehra. It is the day when good vanquished evil. It is also called Vijaya Dashami. Yesterday several years ago, Lord Rama won over the Demon Ravana. Yesterday is also the day when Durga Parivar vanquished evil. On Dussehra, people worship their tools. Dancers place their heavy ...

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On Navaratri (Part XIV)

In the South, on the ninth day of Navaratri, the books placed on the eighth, are worshipped. Saraswati Ashtotra, Saraswati Shatanamavali and Saraswati Sahasranama are chanted and Saraswati songs are sung to praise the Goddess. On the Navami day also, we can perform kanyabhoj. In the South, some people serve ...

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On Navaratri (Part XIII)

Today is the ninth day of Navaratri, which is a very important day and it belongs to Devi Siddhidhatri. The other 8 devis come together to form Devi Siddhidhatri. She sits on a large lotus and is a Chaturbhuji Mata. She has Shankha, Chakra, Gada and Padma in Her hands. ...

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On Navaratri (Part XII)

This day belongs to Devi Maha Gauri. Gauri did penance to attain Lord Shiva as Her husband. So, her complexion became dark due to the hard penance. The moment Lord Shiva appeared before her, her complexion became light golden yellow and she looked very beautiful. Today is Ashtami as well. ...

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On Navaratri (Part XI)

Today, the Devi descended on earth in the avtaar of Kalaratri to kill Raktabeeja. Raktabeeja was a demon, when his blood fell on the earth, it brought alive several Raktabeejas. Thus, Kalaratri appeared and drank all his blood for the complete annihination of the demon. Her complexion is dark and ...

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