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Devi Kalaratri

On Navaratri (Part XI)

Today, the Devi descended on earth in the avtaar of Kalaratri to kill Raktabeeja. Raktabeeja was a demon, when his blood fell on the earth, it brought alive several Raktabeejas. Thus, Kalaratri appeared and drank all his blood for the complete annihination of the demon.

Devi Kalaratri
Devi Kalaratri

Her complexion is dark and she has 3 eyes. Her vehicle is donkey. She is also called Shubhakari because she vanquishes evil and does good to the innocent. She kills the demons and wears their skulls as garland. She also has another garland that has power similar to electric power.

Kalaratri is worshipped in a satvik as well as a tantrik way. Some people use this Devi’s shakti for black magic to hurt the innocent people. Such babas even in the 21st century, perform this against good people for damaging their lives. These babas do not even bother to find out if the people, who come to them are genuine or fake. But, all is not lost. The same Devi punishes these babas at the right time. We got to know about 2 such babas. One is dead inacquiring ill health condition and the other has lost the function of his legs to be confined to bed.

Devi Kalaratri is worshipped with red flowers, red akshata, Gaja Vastra with red roli and red chunri. Her satvik pooja can be done at home. Any fear and negative energy is warded off by this Devi.

Devi Bhuvaneshwari
Devi Bhuvaneshwari

This Devi resolves all issues connected to the planet Saturn. For this, the Devi can be worshipped with sesame flowers, sesame leaves, any blue flowers, etc. The Devi worship is incomplete without the chanting of Durga Navarna Mantra, Devi Kalaratri Mantra and Beejakshara Mantra of Shani. We can offer the gardland of cloves in red thread. The cloves should be as many as our age. Archana with 108 cloves chanting Kali Ashtotra is beneficial.

Coming to South Indian tradition, we worship Devi Bhuvaneshwari. She loves if we chant Bhuvaneshwari Namavali, Lalita Sahasranama and Lalita Trishati Stotra. Any fragrant flower can be used to worship this Devi.

Today, Moola Star has risen. So, books, pen, etc. needed for studies can be invoked in front of the Devi.

To be continued…

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