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Education System

There were no paper or pen in the olden days. Children were left at the Gurukul. The children were taught strict Brahmacharya and vast knowledge was taught orally. There were no exams, certificates, degrees or diplomas then. The children would be allowed to leave the Gurukul only when they had gained the entire knowledge in the real sense. The knowledge was spread by all the children, who had the expertise. They would write the information gained on palm leaves.
When the Britishers came, they brought with them paper, pencils, pen, school, teacher, diplomas, etc. The students began to compete with each other. Even then the education system was so good that people, who had passed Matric 100 years ago had more knowledge than today’s graduate.


To prove oneself in today’s world as a literate person, they need to have done Masters in their fields. Even then people with knowledge are less because they don’t study sincerely. One reason for this is that reservation can get seats with fewer marks.
School education today also has a lot to do with this situation.The students, who are very weak in their studies are failed only till the 7th standard. After that even though they might get fewer marks, they are not failed in higher classes. There are no failures from 8th standard. Till 12th standard all are promoted unless the student has not written anything in their papers.
These students get to join diplomas or degrees in some or the other way. Even there students are passed even if with low marks. After this these students find it difficult to get a job or maintain it. There is a joke connected to this situation:
A middle-aged man asks another man for alms.The other man replies, “I have a diploma certificate. You can take it.” The first man replies, “I have a BSc. Chemistry degree. You can have it.”
We would like to prompt some serious thought on this situation. Particularly, parents are requested to think it over. Instead of wasting time on several unwanted stuff, they should concentrate on the right ways to make their children pick up knowledge.


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