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Ghee Lamp

Karma Vimochana Karya

Birth and death depend on Karma. If a human being is born, sorrow and happiness follow them everywhere. All theists believe in God always. During difficult times, they surrender to Him. Astrologers suggest some remedies for these times. One of them is placing idols and photographs of God in a sacred place at home and lighting a lamp in front of them.


Today, we would like to share about lighting ghee lamps. Almost all Hindus place sesame oil lamps in their worship place. But, placing sesame oil lamps with ghee lamps is more sacred. These lamps remove the negative energy in the surroundings of our home and permeate positive energy there. Ghee lamps perform this job most efficiently.

Ghee Lamp

Benefits of Lighting Ghee Lamps:

  1. It bestows goodness to the family.
  2. We get the grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi and Shakti Devi.
  3. All our good intentions will be successful.
  4. We will get a good education.
  5. We will lead a victorious life.
  6. People, finding it difficult to get married, find a life partner soon. If astrologers predict no marriage in a horoscope, the natives can offer as many ghee lamps as their age, for those many days and get married soon. Real life incidents prove this fact. Even if the marriage does not occur in the first round, it happens before the third time around.
  7. Mangalyam Bhagyam will become strong.
  8. Future will hold good for the natives.
  9. People, offering ghee lamps to their favorite deities, live long and happy lives.
  10. They get freed from all doshas connected to the 9 planets.
  11. They will progress in their chosen profession.
  12. They will incur profits only.
  13. They will win in competitions.
  14. All the bad luck, in store for the native in their own birth star, will also be removed.
  15. If anybody happens to see a bad dream, they just have to light a ghee lamp in front of their family Deity; after taking a bath. The ill-effect gets absolved.
  16. Our health will be good. If the family members of people, with serious health issues, offer as many mud lamps with ghee as the person’s age, for those many days; there will be good progress in the health condition. If there is a risk (ganda) predicted in their horoscopes, it will be removed.
  17. It obstructs any ill health issues. If ever such a situation arrives, that situation is removed.
  18. If someone is in their death-bed, the doctors are helpless in trying to save them and the patients are experiencing severe pain; the family members can light a ghee lamp in front of the worship area at their home. Either the patients survive miraculously or the pain is alleviated and the person dies peacefully. We have also heard about incidents where people have enjoyed the experience of death and die happily.
  19. Our lives will also become exceptionally successful.

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