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1. It moves like a drunkard, but drops us at our destination correctly. What is it?
2. She is the mountain queen among forests. She is the beauty queen among nature. She is lovable to lovers. Who is she?
3. A Mother-In-Law wanted to test her Sons-In-Law (SIL), on how much affection they feel for her. One day she jumped into a lake and asked her elder SIL, who was nearby to save her. He saved her and she gifted him a car. She tried the same trick with her 2nd SIL. He also saved her and she presented him a motorbike. The third day again same thing happened, but the 3rd SIL thought that he would get only a cycle, so he did not save her. The woman drowned to her death. One would think that the 3rd SIL would not get anything. He lost even the cycle. But he got a Mercedes car. Who gave it to him?
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