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Tanya Khanna, Founder-Director Epistle Communications
Tanya Khanna, Founder-Director Epistle Communications

Epistle Communications Aids Indian Design Industry

Continuing with the ongoing series on women entrepreneurs, we present Tanya Khanna, the Founder-Director of Epistle Communications. Epistle handles communications, marketing and PR for designers, design agencies and architects in India. This is what she had to tell us during the interview.
What is Epistle Communications all about?
Bridging the gap that exists between design, practice and business; Epistle Communications has created a niche in the Indian design industry where nothing like this existed and is proud to be furthering the cause of good design in the sub-continent, bringing design to the forefront in an otherwise latent industry. The premise of doing this begins with the intention for discourse, dialogue and exchange of design ideas. Over the last 6 years, Epistle has been playing an integral role in the success of over 30 design and allied brands. Together, we have won over 50 global awards and have been featured in more than 500 offline and online publications. We have also achieved worldwide recognition and found access to new business. Epistle is not just another PR Agency that is creating stories – aiding communication in architecture and design work- Epistle is driven by content, process and the strength of design.
What inspired you to start this business?
Traditionally, most Indian architects, designers and design practices have steered away from communication activities that aid in generating business. However, in today’s globalized markets, facilitating design as a business becomes extremely crucial. Within this milieu, Epistle communications was set up to provide bespoke, strategic communication consulting services for design, architecture, built environment and allied industries. As an architect, I strongly feel that there is a gap that exists between design and practice.

Tanya Khanna, Founder-Director Epistle Communications
Tanya Khanna, Founder-Director Epistle Communications

Tell us about the journey you had from the time of inception of Epistle Communications till now.
When I started out, my biggest challenge was to change the notion that good design still speaks for itself. In the current scenario of information overload; originality and creativity simply gets lost in the deluge of the data produced globally. By working closely with our clients, we have gradually created opportunities for them to showcase their work in appropriate forums. This enables better discourse and significantly improves future prospects for innovative practices.
By helping young and innovative Indian practices as well as senior practitioners, Epistle Communications is proud to be furthering the cause of good architecture in the sub-continent. The improvement in our built environment is my biggest success. Also, the fact that Indian architects are being recognized on international platforms through Epistle, is a great achievement. Our clients’ victories are the biggest testimonials – when they win national and international awards, we know we have been successful.
By helping innovative Indian design practices that represent meaningful, contemporary design, achieve global recognition and access to better projects via proper packaging and content, Epistle Communications is proud to be furthering the cause of good architecture and design in the sub-continent.
What is your support system?
My family is the prime reason why Epistle still exists, continues to grow and is thriving. Without them, it would not have been possible. Friends, peers and clients, who have the faith that through Epistle, we add value to what designers do; have also supported us.
What plans do you have for the future?
Today, our efforts have resulted in a lot of media attention for Indian designers – from small 5-10 people practices to large 100 people firms. If anyone would think of communication services in the design industry – they should think of Epistle. We believe in staying accessible and affordable to all – almost always, we work with the clients’ budgets – to meet their aspirations. We don’t want to and in fact, don’t work for large firms only – every story and every designer needs to be known.
Through my role at Epistle, we have laid the foundation of what is a one-of-its-kind agency in India, facilitating good design and bringing it forth on a global platform.

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