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Banana Leaf
Banana Leaf

Banana Tips – Banana Leaf (VIIth and Concluding Part)

We are sharing information about Banana leaf, today. The nutrition of the entire plant is available in the Banana leaf.


During typically Indian poojas, the entire banana stalks are tied on either side of the small temples in our houses. Marriages can bring fervor to our houses. At the same time, an entire plant with flowers and raw bananas are planted near the gates of South Indian houses. There is a reason for this. The banana plant removes negativity and positive vibrations pervade the house.

Banana Leaf:

Banana leaves are used to serve food in south Indian temples like the one in Tirupati and even during South Indian marriages. The nutrition from the banana leaves is easily absorbed into the warm food served on them. The entire nutrition from the leaves as well as the food enters our body when the food is eaten.

Even in some Indian restaurants up North, the food is served on plates and pieces of banana leaves. We cannot afford to use banana leaves on an everyday basis at home. So, one banana leaf can be cut into pieces and dropped into food vessels. Then, the food is cooked in them. The warm food absorbs the nutrition even this way. Then, the nutrition-rich food can be consumed by the entire family.

In villages, parents give their kids small pieces of banana leaves. The kids make whistles out of the pieces. This is another way of getting nutrition from banana leaves.

Thus, the entire banana plant is worthy of worship and is called a kalpavriksha.


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