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Divine Navaratri Glimpses
Divine Navaratri Glimpses

Divine Navaratri Glimpses

A Journalist Reveals has posted interviews of several people keeping Golu. We also have kept it. Initially, we thought we would not post information about our Golu. But, I am sharing it due to the enthusiasm of my cousin sister, Pushpa Vasudev.

Divine Navaratri Glimpses:

Divine Navaratri Glimpses This time Devi’s vehicle was the elephant. The Devi descended on the elephant on earth. Lord Ganesha also descended on the vehicle of the elephant. These 2 events denote good omen. Keeping Kumbha with pomegranate fruit is the main part of our tradition. We kept that on an elephant. We have a dearth of space at home. So, we placed some of the worship areas for Navaratri in kitchen and hall. Mom has been deeply involved in Golu activity since childhood. We have Nitya Navaratri at home, worshiping Nitya Kalyani Devi. We feel the presence of the Devi in kitchen and hall. Mom also has pranic energy in her hands. Everything comes alive in her hands.

Divine Navaratri GlimpsesWe have become victims of black magic for the last 8 years. Last 2 years have been worse. We could not keep Golu for these 2 years. An elderly lady told us if we could not place the Golu for 3 consecutive years, the activity will be completely stopped in our house. Some people from our building are involved in black magic and have done Marana prayoga on us.

Divine Navaratri Glimpses
Pushpa Vasudev

When we are not at home, they open our door lock and come in to rob stuff from our house. We have lost heirlooms, we used to keep on 2 steps. Several generations of Golu keepers in our family have handed them down to us. All these people are North Indians and find the presence of a South Indian among them a derogatory situation. They say that even if they kill us they would not incur sin. These people are such incarnations.

Mom had 103 degrees fever. Her wrist bone is protruding and her middle finger has become crooked and highly painful. But, due to the insistence of our Guru Ma and me, she kept the Golu. My cousin sister, Pushpa Akka, said, “Is there a Golu like what you keep, Mousi? I still remember the scenes you would keep like Meenakshi Kalyana, etc.” These words encouraged Mom to start work on this year’s Golu. She could not keep scenes. But, she was successful in placing the Golu.

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