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My Parents at Tirupati
My Parents at Tirupati

My Dad

Yesterday, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. He stepped into his 84th year yesterday. Mom and Dad have played very important roles in the lives of both of us sisters. His strictness and his trust on Mom that she would bring us up properly; have been the reasons we turned out well. Mom had set an example among other parents in school as well as our residential area as the best Mom. Teachers would cite her as an instance to other parents in school. We must have done some pious deeds in our previous lives for begetting such parents. Whatever we are today, they are responsible for it. Our success never went into our heads. Today, I take care of my parents. Not everybody gets this honor.

But, our neighbors have been present all through these 7 years as a shadow of Satan behind us. My Dad has 6 Masters Degrees. But, our neighbor finds him an uneducated villager. The man living next door is a 5th std. failure and the woman failed in her 8th standard. They did not go on with their studies. At the same time, the woman (she is not a woman, she is a low life) has leukoderma having leprosy-stricken features and body like a barrel with short limbs. She thinks she is the most beautiful woman in this universe. It would have been fine if she had just thought that way. I wonder why she keeps passing comments about Mom and me on this matter. Why does she keep involving us in everything?

Our friends say that the woman is jealous of my Mom. She calls my Mom a ghost because Mom is dusky. Our friends say that she looks like betaal (a type of ghost). She has not only caught her family members in her clutches, she has all the people living in our building in her hold. She has made people spit pan, saliva and made someone urinate in front of our house. This proves how far jealousy can take a woman. And she is jealous of an old lady.

My Parents at Tirupati
My Parents at Tirupati

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