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Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

Today, let’s look at an introduction of Vivekalaya Group of Institutions as an educational institution.


Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

Founded by Prema Rao, the Vivekalaya Group of Institutions is a vibrant, safe and beautiful ecosystem of learning and aspiration which offers every student an equal opportunity to achieve academic, athletic and creative excellence. What started as a determined mother’s mission to find a suitable holistic and inclusive institution that would suit her son, today the Vivekalaya Group has become a pioneer in inclusivity in education.

In the past three decades, the institution has grown into a symbol of  excellence and ethics. Each individual person associated with Vivekalaya, from teachers and faculty to researchers and students, has the ability to stand out in a crowd and create their own unique path due to the values inculcated in them by the institution’s philosophy, “You are what you Seek.” They function on principles of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

Aishwarya Rao, the director of Vivekalaya Group of Institutions

Vivekalaya caters to students from all walks of life and they are sensitive and accommodating of differently-abled students or students with learning difficulties. In fact, they are the first-of-its-kind institution in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), which brings together different types of learners under one roof.

They create and follow their own text book material for many of the subjects and grades and so are able to customize the curriculum to suit students needs. The institutions kindergarten follows a thematic approach and all the rhymes, songs, poetry and stories are written and composed by Vivekalaya’s team of researchers.

Vivekalaya believes in a blended approach to education that ultimately create a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Their methodology stimulates and supports the academic, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the student.

Their aim to offer students a holistic learning experience is achieved through the courses and programs they deliver. This includes important life skills lessons, organic reading programs, cooking/home skills courses and much more.

Path makers and path breakers is an interactive session where students can engage with successful  entrepreneurs to learn skills that are necessary set up businesses.

Just as music, dance, yoga and karate, which are a part of their holistic curriculum cater to physical well-being, they also offer academic and mental excellence programs to take care of the mind space of students.

Vivekalaya also teaches self-defence courses to older female students, to ensure they can take care of themselves in case of danger. Reflecting the secular nature of the country, the institution traditionally highlights a different religion every week. Students are taught various prayers and learn about different religions from different corners of the world. Their Light of a Thousand Suns is a value-Ed course that delves into the cultural roots of Hinduism and its way of life.

Vivekalaya’s multiple intelligence based approach motivates students to pursue success. The school has birthed national toppers and world toppers and athletes.

But a greater pride to the institution has been their part creating responsible citizens who contribute to the society in a positive manner.

Each of their schools are unique platforms of learning in their own way and have an independent identity.

Prakriya International School, today is considered one of the best in the city and the recipient of countless awards and accolades.

Vichara is quickly redefining the face of CBSE education in Coimbatore.

Akshayantra Learning Center is a one of a kind setting that caters to differential learners.

The Bodhi Academy continues to add variety to high school options by delivering subjects that are not offered by any other school/center in the city.

Vivekalaya is a world class institution that believes school should be each child’s happy place and the only way to educate is by allowing students to discover the joy in learning.

They are one of the flag bearers of the future of Indian education.

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