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Aromazeia Review

One fine day, we at A Journalist Reveals got a chance to review 2 products from Aromazeia. First, let me introduce the company. Aromazeia is a health and beauty products related company based on the lap of Himalayas. Their unique products are ethically pure and completely organic.


Some of the Products are:

  • Mitti Attar (concentrated perfume essence) has a fragrance exactly like the fragrance of the first rain. It is good for aroma therapy and works well to alleviate mood. Hard to imagine of a product that traps this lovely fragrance. But yes it is true.
  • Pain Relieving oil is a unique combination of all rare herbs to come up with a products for all acute and chronic pain without any side effects.
  • Kiwi Chutney is made from organically grown kiwis from the lap of Himalayas.
  • Herbal Tea is made of various flavors made from organically grown ingredients.
  • Herbal Water like Rose water and various other herbal waters are used for beauty purposes, with organically grown ingredients and with an assurance of purity.
  • Absolute oils are very concentrated oils like rose absolute and lavender absolute which have many uses.
  • A few other products like culinary herbs, essential oils and many more.

lenovo_a1000_img_20161225_200109Our Take: We received 2 products: Mitti Attar and Herbal Tea. Mom is using the Mitti Attar for pooja. The Rosemary Herbal Tea is definitely refreshing. At the same time, it works as claimed on the pack. The packet says that the tea is handpicked, organic and caffeine-free. The tea has to be infused in hot water. This is definitely and alternative to the ordinary tea and coffee. Rosemary tea is claimed to be effective in headache and migraine. It is a powerful antioxidant, stimulates circulation, counter-acts on fatigue and improves appetite. It has to be taken as an infusion in hot water and the tea-bag needs to stand in the water for 4-5 minutes for the right effect.

Price: Mitti Attar is Rs. 950 per 10ml and Rosemary tea Rs. 350 (20 bags).


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