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Christmas Eve Get-Together

In a co-operative housing society, a get-together was conducted especially for children on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus asked several questions to the children. All the children replied to the questions and were enjoying themselves.


At the end, he said, “I am asking you all the last question. You reply one by one and I will keep giving you gifts.”

His last question was – if I ask you to lie, what would you say?

All the kids said one lie at a time. Finally, Santa Claus came to Iqbal. Iqbal said, “I will not lie.”

Santa Claus asked, “Why?”

Iqbal replied, “My grandfather has said that we should not lie.”

Santa Claus said, “I am giving you a gift for it. Why won’t you lie?”

Iqbal said lifting his hand above, “He is looking at us.”


“Allah is looking at us. We should not lie. We should not steal. We should not beat anyone. We should not torture anyone. We should not cause a loss to anyone.”

“Why?” Santa asked strongly.

“If we do these wrong things, we will not be able to face Allah during end of days (Qayamat).”

“I will give you all the remaining gifts I have. Say only one lie.”

Iqbal began to cry and got up from his seat. He ran to his grandfather saying, “I don’t want any gift.”

The chairman of the society gave all the remaining gifts that Santa Claus had in his bag. He also removed the Santa Claus’s dress and gave it to the child. Many parents present there gave cash prizes to the kid.

I want to say one thing – I had a maternal grandfather like this. My paternal grandfather expired before my parents’ marriage.

I would like to ask, “How many children have such grandfathers?”

I am sure Our Lady of Intolerance’s grandfather would have been a notorious criminal.


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