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Bheeshma Dwadashi (Part II)

Vedas and Upanishads say that people performing Shraddhas perform Mahalaya Shraddha for those, who have died without children; people, whose death is not known to their relatives and those, who had accidental deaths. Even today, good people perform Shraddha to these people. My father himself does it. Thus, sonlessness and childlessness need not be lamented.
Issues are raised that male child is needed to light the funeral pyre. People like Our Lady of Intolerance and the old man from the other religion living in our building consider it important. But, Vedas themselves say that a girl-child is responsible for 7 generations from her parents’ side and 7 generations from her in-laws’ side. People without a girl-child incur sin and go to hell.
Thus, people talking about having sons as important need to be given the royal iggy. Those people talking such nonsense would be jealous of the girl and her family. That is the reason why they must be wagging their tongues in this manner. Vedas also equally allow a girl-child to light the funeral pyre. The only condition is that she should be pure during that time.
To be continued…


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