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Bheeshma Dwadashi (Part III)

Nowadays, ladies even perform Shraddhas. It happened with us. We had collections of heirlooms handed down from past generations to ours in our family. Our Lady of Intolerance stole them, when we had gone out. We went to an ashram and told them about it. They told us to perform Sarva Pitru Shraddha and tila homa on an Amavasya day. We were also told that our Pitrus will take care of the thieves. If the heirlooms do not return to our home, the sins will be handed down from generation to generation in the family of the thieves.
But, 2 people from our building and someone, who is not known to us, have performed black magic on us. On the day the Shraddha was to be done, my Dad fell ill at the ashram. The Brahmin from there told me to perform it. I was wearing a pavitri in my finger. Mom was holding my hand and Dad hers. Mom was also holding my Dad by his shoulder. He was so ill. This way the Shraddha was performed.
The moment the Shraddha was over, the Brahmin felt something jerk him and he said that the thieves will get into trouble soon. He also said that even experienced people do not perform this ritual so well. I had performed it that way.
To be continued…


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