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Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (XIX)

One morning, Dolly came limping. When Mom asked, “What happened?”


She replied, “Khoon aga. (Blood is coming.)”

Mom asked, “How?”

She replied, “Jeene pe. (On the stairs.)”


When Mom went to find out how she got hurt, just in case she would need tetanus injection, she saw that someone had spit pan on the staircase and the stains were fresh. That is how the stain had got transferred on to Dolly’s feet. Mom brought back the little girl and washed her feet. Mom also went to our housing society’s secretary’s wife to tell her about it. In this society, nobody would make any kind of stains on the staircase. They would not drop liquid from meat, fish, etc.

The secretary’s wife immediately found out what the issue was and caught the plumber, who had spit the pan on the stairs. She even made him clean it in front of her. She also warned him not to do it again.

Some people talk about cleanliness, but spit anywhere and everywhere. So many diseases are spread due to it. They themselves walk that way. Even their children pass the place. But they spit.

Dolly commented, “Sala, thook ke gaya!”

Mom told her not to use bad words.

She asked, “Then what shall I say? Gali dena hi hai.”

Children today pick up bad things fast. We need to be careful.

Mom told her, “I will teach you what to say to such people when you are angry. Aloo, Gobhi, Tinda, Matter, Tuar, Baingan, Kaddoo, Mirchi, Adrak and so on.”

After playing, she left. Just to make sure that she goes home only, Mom stood on the balcony watching her. Just then the plumber came down. Looking at him, Dolly began, “Aloo, Gobhi, Tinda, Mutter, Tuar, Baingan, Kaddoo, Mirchi, Adrak. Thookta hai.”


He replied, “Main bhajiwala nahin hoon. Main plumber hoon.”

Dolly had a mannerism, which she displayed when very angry. She would bite her lower lip and blow on her hand, which would be near her mouth.

He asked, “Kya hua Munni?”

Poor guy!

Mom told the plumber to leave and said to Dolly, “You go home.”

By then everybody on the ground floor came out of their homes! Dolly’s mother came out and asked what happened. Dolly replied, “Aloo ke bachche ne thooka. Maine gali deya.”

When everybody got to know what had happened from Mom, they laughed for 1 week thereafter.

To be continued…


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