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Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Today is Raksha Bandhan. A thread can be so auspicious that it contains the blessings and prayers for the well-being of the person on whose wrist the rakhi is being tied.
The celebrations of this festival have been going on since Satya Yuga. Initially, when kings would go out to fight battles, their wives or mothers or sisters would tie this thread on their wrists. Also, merchants would go out of the country via the sea routes and would return after many years. Therefore, the women of the house would tie rakhi on their wrists for their well-being.
Astrologically, each star-sign should wear a different colour thread. Today, we get a variety of rakhis made up of even metal and plastic. It is now that it has become restricted to sisters and brothers.
Draupadi would tie rakhi on Lord Krishna’s wrist. When her sari was pulled by Dushasana, she called Lord Krishna to help her and her sari became endless. Today, is there any safety for women in this India? How many Daminis have been tormented? The rapists do not even look at the age of the girls. They use girls from 2 months old infants to even 60 year old ladies as their targets. We have seen 65-year-old men taking their grandchildren out, looking for their prey in the form of women. They don’t find women at home sufficient for their requirement. They need varieties.
In this situation, I think of all my brothers in the armed forces, due to whom we are free to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan at home. I am also sending 2 of my tear-drops as rakhis for those brothers, who gave up their lives while protecting us and making this land a heaven for us. Though they left us with a heaven, there are some devils, who are roaming around torturing people not even allowing them to breathe peacefully. O the One, Who gave us Bhagavad Geeta. O the One, Who gave us the Quran. O the One, Who gave us the Bible. O the One, Who gave us the Guru Granth Sahab. When will You all come to this earth again to eliminate these devils?
Most girls today, are tying rakhis to all the 4 of you so that You all would come back here and eliminate these devils, who are a burden on this earth.


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