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The Couple Performed Pooja at the Bank of Ganga

Amla Navami (IIIrd and Concluding Part)

The story continues:


The trader became sorrowful looking at his wife, being affected by psychological problems. One day, he asked his wife, “You were fine some time ago. But now, what happened to you? Why have you become so manic?”

The wife cried and told him what had happened. After hearing this, the trader was very sorrowful and fell unconscious. He woke up after some time and said unhappily, “O Bad Woman, I told you before not to fall into that wicked woman’s trap and don’t do such things even in your dreams. There is atonement for all sins. But, in the scriptures, it is written that killing a cow, killing old people, killing women and girls, killing children and arson has no atonement. Thus, you have performed such big sins, which do not have any remedy. So, we will have to donate everything and go to the banks of the River Ganga. Then, we should keep praying to God, having fruits and fasting and renounce these sinful bodies.”

The Couple Performed Pooja at the Bank of Ganga
The Couple Performed Pooja at the Bank of Ganga

This way the trader went to ask for the forgiveness of the family of the murdered child and the house that had burnt down. He prostrated in front of them and said, “There can be no forgiveness for the sins that my wife did. But, my heart does not allow me to remain silent. Guilt is eating me from the inside. I am washing your feet with my tears.”

The trader donated 1/4th of his wealth to each of the families; his wife had performed ill to. He distributed the remaining ½ of his wealth to all the orphans, beggars and poor people. Then, he went to the banks of the Ganga, with his wife. He compelled her to pray to God and ask His forgiveness for the sins she had performed.

They ate vegetarian food once in a day and fasted for another time. They also began to perform penance. Several years later, God appeared in their dreams and said, “Get up, O Atoners. Serve the cow, with a singular mind. Have their milk and curd. Because tomorrow is Gopashtami, begin this activity tomorrow itself. The day after is Amla Navami. After you perform these poojas, you will realize your desire and reach heaven.”

The trader sincerely performed the said poojas and several more years later; he achieved peace and attained heaven. Some people say that the husband-wife attained wealth and children and then only reached heaven.

Moral: Don’t ever do bad to others, just to achieve your own good. Always stay away from sins and through donation, help living organisms, the poor and the needy. Also, thinking about God and serving cows; have milk and curds from them. This results in not only the removal of diseases, anger and greed; but we also achieve happiness and reach heaven after death.


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