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Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part II)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part II), by our resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the second part of the post.

Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part II)


Others should have faith in you and look up to post. Let the Lord Almighty make you wise enough not to be demanding of others. You might want to reconsider your position in your personal and professional lives.


Realize the privileges you already have and be content and grateful. Move on from the losses in your lives. Expect some good financial news.


Appreciating little stuff and gratitude in your lives will result in good Karma. You will seek the help of a spiritually enlightened one. Indulging too much in matters of others or your own would not be right. Addictions need to be overcome with a strong willpower and positivity. You may want to access alternative modes of treatment for your health issues.


Feeling low? Don’t given up hope. Life will see better tidings, soon. Take control of your own lives. Act for the results you want to see. Consult experts on big financial issues and business development plans.


You’ll find yourself very active and receive knowledge from the Goddess of Knowledge. The Almighty will propel you toward your goals. You are slated to find luxury and love. The cards also predict movement, power, development and journeys.


Avoid thinking about self all the time. Pray to the Almighty for contentment and stability. Balance your activities to achieve happiness.

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