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Sonali Kelapure
Sonali Kelapure

Ka Kha Gaa Creating Innovative Disruption in Creative Space

As everybody knows we have been on the lookout for female entrepreneurs. My friend Sonali Kelapure started क ख ग… (Ka Kha Gaa…) in October 2017, with her friend Vivek Shukla. It is a platform that introduces everyone to the most exciting and effective methods of writing through interactive creative thinking. A Journalist Reveals thought it only right to bring her enterprise to our readers so that more people got to know about it. Excerpts:

What inspired you to start Ka Kha Ga?

I always wondered, why is there a dearth of kids content and why is it that the Indian animation content is not as good as international content? I discussed this with my friend (now business partner) Vivek Shukla, who is an animation scriptwriter and found that writers in Indian animation industry create content on the basis of what an adult wants the child to watch, however internationally the content is created keeping in mind as to what the child wants to watch. This led us to the idea of creating content for the ‘kids by the kids’ hence we started Ka Kha Gaa.

What is it all about?

Ka Kha Gaa is a platform that introduces everyone to the most exciting and effective methods of writing through interactive creative thinking. These methods mainly focus towards helping people to unwind using psychology based creative techniques. One can look at it using these to channelize the thought process, thinking out of the box, for emotional healing, making impressive presentations, creative thinking, building confidence, developing effective communication skills, making studies and work fun, dealing with fear and being an impactful storyteller! Our goal is to create innovative disruption in the space of creativity.

Tell us about your journey from the time of its inception till now.

Ka Kha Gaa was formed in October 2017. We started by conducting story creation workshops at various residential societies, schools and NGOs across the country. We found many children with amazingly creative ideas through these sessions, who are now a part of our writers’ guild. These children are involved in the creative scriptwriting process of the animation projects that we are currently working on.

Would you like to talk about any specific project?

While conducting these workshops, we realized that a lot of children are unable to express their thoughts due to certain psychological blockages. Hence we thought about using technology and created a game, which will help them use their creativity to make stories. For this, we are rolling out a nationwide event in July 2018, where the participants will create stories from the scratch by playing the game and the shortlisted stories will be made into animation series.

What is your support system?

My family and friends are my pillars of strength.

What are your future plans?

Apart from the story creation game, we are working on various creative solution ideas in the fitness, music, medical, legal and corporate sector.

Sonali Kelapure
Sonali Kelapure

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