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  1. A man was addressing some children about some realities of life. He said, “There are a lot of ups and downs in life. There will also be several thorns and sharp stones on the road of life. We should not be afraid of them.”

A smart kid replied, “Yes, we should not be afraid of them. Just wear a pair of good quality footwear and they won’t hurt!”

  1. Patient: I want to watch TV for 24 hours. But I should not have any problem in my eyes.

Eye doctor: Switch off the TV and keep watching it. Neither will there be a problem in your eyes nor in your TV!

  1. One Small Boy: Yesterday, I came face to face with a lion!

Second Boy: Then what happened?

First Boy: I glared at him. He glared at me. I glared at him. He glared at me. I glared at him. He gl…

Second Boy (A Trifle Irritated): Then what happened?

First Boy: I moved from in front of his cage and went to the next one which had a tiger in it, in the same way!

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