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Neha Shinde Jadhav
Neha Shinde Jadhav

Neha Inspires Everybody through Tarot Reading

A Journalist Reveals were on a lookout for an astrologer for some reason. Neha Shinde Jadav, an old PR friend, contacted us when she got to know about it. At that time, we thought what the heck, let’s have her interview as well because firstly she is a lady and secondly she is into something very interesting. Excerpts:


How did you get inspired by tarot?

In November 2013, I randomly met a tarot card reader at an exhibition when I asked her what my life purpose was. She told me your life purpose includes counseling and telling people about their future and karmas. That’s when it struck my mind why not tart? And I started exploring it. Since then tarot reading began in my life and then I did not look back. Also, I learnt different modalities like Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, Access Consciousness, etc. so that I could talk to and heal people. I am still learning and exploring new avenues in life.

Where did you learn it?

I learnt it from a professional and also self-studied.

Being a PR person, what made you take up tarot?

When I was learning, I was experimenting with my business partner and myself about how our PR business will go ahead, which client to take on, who will pay and when, etc. – daily life questions. That’s when I thought tarot is becoming my life partner and I should focus on it some more. Thus, I started balancing and managing both of my careers and it got easier for me to make decisions based on tarot readings and indeed took me to success.

Having read a card for someone, do you have to repeat the process after a period of time? Or is it a permanent reading?

Yes, I do repeat sessions, with my client’s permission because tarot is just prediction and solution. Other than that, everything else depends on the person’s karma. So, if it’s a bad phase do good and get good results, simple. Sometimes you can clear any kind of blockages or bad path with positive affirmation and mantras. Just that one should have willingness and faith.

Why do we get bad dreams? How to reverse the effect of the same?

Dreams are of different types. Sometimes dreams include past life images or memories, future predictions or fears or sometimes they are just a mixture of our thoughts.

To get rid of bad or negative dreams, here are few steps that I personally follow in my daily life:

  • Go for a night walk after dinner. Just a casual 20-25 steps walk, that’s it. This improves blood circulation, digestion and breathing pattern.
  • Take salt water bath (if possible).
  • Do not touch your gadgets (mobile, TV, ipads, etc.) one hour before sleeping.
  • Listen or read Hanuman Chalisha before sleeping. This will help you to get rid of negative dreams.
  • Keep black Tourmaline and amethyst crystal under your pillow for protection.
  • Do breathing exercise and counting while sleeping.

Do curses and blessings work? How?

I believe both works depending on karmas. If a person is cursed by someone, he or she should apologize for their mistake if any and should not repeat the same. Or if a person is cursed without any reason, it is not going to affect in any way.

We do carry curses from ancestors and their karmas. To get rid of it, you can do hex breaking spells or just focus on doing the right thing in life, be a good human being, full of awareness at every step of life.

Keep saying to yourself – Why am I attracting this in life? What is the lesson behind this for me? What is my learning in this? And you will get all the answers in the form of thoughts, symbols or people. Just be aware and accept that learning and move forward in life.

Blessings are the best gift for someone. I believe even a plant or animal can bless you if you help them in any sense. Every non-living thing also has some life in it. Keep your things at the right place and respect them. They will never dare to be apart from you. That’s a personal experience.

Neha Shinde Jadhav
Neha Shinde Jadhav

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