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Perfect Day-Night Looks to Be a Summer-Diva!

Perfect Day-Night Looks to Be a Summer-Diva!

It’s summer time and the main issue during this time is heat and sweat. But summer doesn’t mean that you should shy away from using make-up. A Journalist Reveals was in touch with Ms. Bharti Taneja, veteran beauty expert, renowned aesthetician and cosmetologist and founder-director of ALPS to learn more about the make-up options during the season of heat and humidity. Read on to find out about the right make-up products to be used in summers with tips on how to use them that she suggested.

Make-Up Tips For Summers: To keep the make-up intact on your skin, even in the season of heat – prepare it with a proper CTMP (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing and Protecting) ritual. Don’t miss it at any cost to maintain optimum beauty and health on your skin.

Summer-time is primer-time too. Any mattifying gel-based primers can keep the make-up long-lasting and skin will also remain shine-free all day long.

During summery weather, use lighter versions of foundations or light textured bases as your make-up base. Like, a mousse or a soufflé – which will not make your face appear oily but provide an adequate glow to the facial skin.

But if your face is excessively smeary during summer, keep ample blotting papers handy, always, to blot-off all the extra shine from your T-zone and elsewhere on the face; anywhere, anytime.

Yet, as the scorching sun leaves nothing intact – use a makeup fixer at the conclusion of your make-up to turn the entire face waterproof and ready for the day.

Bharti Taneja
Bharti Taneja

Daytime Make-Up: This will be a winged liner look without the kohl.

  • Eyes: You can make the look your own by making large triangles on either side which float away from the eye. Create with a pencil-eyeliner by cutting into a plastic sheet protector using a stencil to ensure uniformity. Match the intensity of geometric eye liner with a strong brow look by keeping the eye-brows thick yet neat. The most preferable hue for this look is a royal and bold shade of blue to bring out the diva in you.
  • Base: The neutral yet dewy look is created by applying a matching mousse foundation. Follow it up by slathering a matching concealer on your dark and other face-spots. This will let you avoid cakey appearance and let you imbibe a natural-glow, this sunny season.
  • Lips: Lips can be in pastel or neutral colours depending upon your own choice. Yet, a bubblegum pink, burnt orange or a cappuccino brown remains a safe bet. Just make sure your lip-color is waterproof for a long-stay effect.

Evening Look: Here comes the smokey eyes look with oxblood lips.

  • Eyes: Apply a greyish-black or dark blue colour of eye-shadow on your upper eyelid. A silver hued highlighter could work best to highlight your eyes below the brows. Then use your liner to draw a thick line on your upper lash line. This will give your eyes a bold look. Then, to make your peepers pop out, apply loads of mascara for an added dose of drama. Fix artificial lashes to intensify the whole look beyond boundaries. Finally apply kohl on the eyes. If your eyes are small use a white-coloured eye pencil, instead of kohl, to make them look bigger.
  • Base: A nude base makes the smoke pop-out of your eyes. Do it by applying a creamy soufflé foundation that matches your skin, for an even and pretty make-up texture.
  • Lips: You can further add to the appeal of smokey eyes by using a bright shade like wine or oxblood. These shades are currently trending in fashion and are perfect for an evening out in summers.

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