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Coronavirus-Induced Panic vs. Alertness
Coronavirus-Induced Panic vs. Alertness

Coronavirus-Induced Panic vs Alertness

We have been pushed into a pandemic, for no fault of ours. Panic often is inevitable. But, isn’t alertness required more than panic? Eminent Psychiatrist Dr. Devendra Save helps us differentiate between Coronavirus-induced panic vs alertness and tells us how to overcome the panic.


Coronavirus-Induced Panic vs Alertness

While we understand that being exposed to the news of the increasing number of coronavirus cases can be scary, we need to recognize how we perceiving are the fear. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Is the panic helping you in any way?
  • Is there any other way of dealing with it?
  • Can panic replace alertness?

Dr. Devendra Save explains, “No doubt, coronavirus is a life-threatening virus globally and strict precautions need to be taken individually as well as collectively. Being aware, alert and cautious is the need of the hour. However, what’s not necessary is the excessive panic, some might be going through. If you’re unable to replace panic with alertness about the ongoing coronavirus fear, it is likely that you may be going through a panic disorder. One way to diagnose this is to reflect if you panic in a similar way with the everyday chores as well.”

Symptoms of excessive anxiety and panic in the case of coronavirus are

  1. Washing of hands more than required/advised.
  2. Unable to control your mind and remove the thought of losing your life or getting the virus.
  3. Completely hooked to the internet in order to get news of the virus that it is affecting your daily routine.

If you happen to go through this experience, reach out to a mental health professional, immediately.


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