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Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied
Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied

Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied

Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied. Better late than never. Justice is served. Yes! Nirbhaya has finally got justice, today. Everybody, especially Nirbhaya’s parents are happy. It took the entire nation to stand up in arms to achieve this moment of glory. India has won. Indian women have won. Womanhood has won.

Justice Delayed is Not Justice Denied

The defense lawyer, A P Singh, found loopholes in the judicial system to try and get the rapists released from the case. This man has been accusing Nirbhaya of having an illegal relationship with the man she was traveling on the fateful night. He is not ready to comment on the behavior of the rapists. Just because a man and a girl have an illicit relationship, the girl needs to be raped? I don’t endorse an illicit relationship. But, isn’t that a personal decision of the girl?

This man has a college-going daughter! He says, he would burn his daughter or sister, if they have an extra-marital affair. Shouldn’t he be penalized for making such press statements? The bar has told him often to show-cause. But, the judicial fraternity is comparing him to the legendary Ram Jethmalani for his performance in the courts. No doubt every individual has a right to fight their case to the last breath. But, there should be a limit to these allowances.

Late Rajiv Gandhi said in one of his interviews, “Every accused is not guilty until his crime is proven. In the case of dowry deaths, every accused should be considered guilty until proven otherwise.” Why shouldn’t the judicial system accept this kind of attitude toward the rape-accused, as well?

I salute A P Singh’s spirit in supporting the rapists. But, do innocent people get an advocate’s support in this manner? Will he help an innocent victim of rape to fight against her rapists? Something to be thought about?

The 6th rapist is still out there because he was a minor at the time of the incident. We don’t know what he is doing, now. I hope his parents are keeping a watch over him. All parents of boys need to be vigilant over their kids’ peer-group and activities. The hanging of the 4 rapists should have driven home a lesson to those men, who think of women as toys to play with and discard.

My heart goes out to Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi. But, after a long journey, she has arrived. She has arrived at her destination of justice and victory.

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