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Lord Krishna and Arjuna

Arjuna of Mahabharata

Yesterday was Arjuna’s birthday. Many discourses were conducted about him everywhere. Mainly, his concentration was the best among the Kauravas and Pandavas. Students were advised that they need to be like Arjuna and concentrate only on their studies. And on the battlefield, he vanquished his own kin. He also hesitated to fight the Kauravas, though they were bad people only because they were his relatives. Bhagavad Geeta originated in this situation.

Lord Krishna and Arjuna
Lord Krishna and Arjuna

During that time, Lord Krishna said, “Partha (one of Arjuna’s names), even though they are your relatives, such cunning and notorious people need to be vanquished. Similarly, even though good and innocent people, who are not related to you, need to be protected. This is the Dharma of humanity.”

There is a Parth living in the next door to my maternal aunt. This morning when I asked if aunty, uncle and my sister are alive, she told that Parth was calling them the day before. This Parth is also participating in a silent Mahabharata war going on in their building. This Parth indulges in se**** activities and is an expert in them. He does not concentrate on studies. He copies and just manages to get promoted. But, he creates an expression that he has been achieving percentage in the 80s and 90s range.

These people have created a myth that if other children mention this man’s (he is no less than a man, still studying in college) name morning and evening during pooja, these children can pass with flying colors. They have also spread the word that taking their names results in getting their work done smoothly. The work might be anything. How? – will come tomorrow.

To be continued…


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