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Lord Hanuman

Hanumat Jayanti Celebrations

Yesterday, Hanumat Jayanti was celebrated on a grand scale in India and some foreign countries. Everybody knows who Lord Hanuman is. He was an important part of the epic Ramayana. He was instrumental in the reunion of Goddess Sita and Lord Rama after Ravana had abducted Her.

Pada Pooja
Pada Pooja

Yesterday, we celebrated the festival in Sri Raghavendra Mutt, Jogeshwari. The temple was reestablished when the larger temple was constructed, on March 20, this year. Raghavendra Swami is my maternal grandfather’s ancestor. In due time, I will reveal the whole story of the ascetic. He had a great intuition and this quality has appeared in our family as well. My grandfather was a big devotee of Raghavendra Swami. He had the best qualities of the ascetic as well.

Lord Hanuman
Lord Hanuman

The maximum intuition is present with my maternal aunt and her daughter, whom their building people want to murder. I call my sister and aunt every day to make sure they are still alive. I will also write about the notorious stories about those gigo**s living in their building also soon. Those gigo**s are worse than prosti****s. They are torturing the girl, who is purer than Goddess Gayatri and my aunty, who is purer than even the adhya shakti. How long God will watch this torture continue is to be seen.

Coming to the festival, panchamritabhisheka and ksheerabhisheka were performed in the morning with the naivedyam of panaka (lemon juice with jaggery). Some Brahmins recited the Raghavendra ashtotra 108 times, Hari Vayu stuti, Purusha Sukta, Nama Ramayana, etc. Bhajans were also sung by Brahmin ladies. We all performed the pada pooja of Raghavendra Swami.

To be continued…

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