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Are Genuine Job Opportunities Available on Social Media?

Recently, we at Pratyankara Media Services; under the aegis of which we run the website; had applied for an additional freelance job with Saurya HSE. We had understood the presence of the opportunity through a Facebook post by their Digital Marketing Officer Pratichi Sanaye. She replied to our mail and gave us the test assignment. This was May 14th this year. We wrote the sample article and waited for their revert till May end. When she did not reply, we contacted her via phone. She said that she had gone for a vacation and would be returning to the office in the next 2 days. But, the expected call never came. Nor did she reply through mail. We have mailtrack and we know if a mail has been read or not. The mail had not been even opened!


We waited till June end and called her again. She said she would revert the next day. Again the mail was not even opened. 2 days later when we called her, she said that our assignment had been rejected. How can a hiring person reject a candidate without even finding out their potential? This is beyond our comprehension. How justified is this? It’s like the job seeker’s time doesn’t really matter, however senior the candidate maybe. This incident gave us an idea. Why not ask someone, who had hired people through the social media, about the process and the attitude of the hiring person to the candidates? We found Saakshi Nagpal from SillySense on Facebook and this is what she had to say:

What is your company all about?

A digital marketing boutique – SillySense vision is to add value to our client’s business. We focus on building business and generating sales through social media.

When did you realize that you needed additional staff?

I have worked for 7 years as a business analyst with corporates like GE, Coco-Cola, KPMG and Deloitte. Social Media Marketing came naturally to me and I started working as a freelancer for an IT company and social entrepreneurs. Soon, I realized it’s a full-time work and it’s very demanding. More hands, the better. I run an agency now and there is always a need for additional staff.

Why did you decide to hire through the unpaid social media?

Social Media is my business tool. I keep looking for talent on social media regularly. I find the best of the resources here, as I can see their daily work and learn how they manage situations.

Do you think in such cases all the candidates get a fair and equal chance?

Yes, this is where their portfolio stands out.

Doesn’t the fact that you don’t pay for the listing tempt you to not consider some candidates?

Paying for the listing is not a concern. I have bought HR services in past too, but I was never satisfied with the filtered list they provided. Just the education details and fancy description of past work experience doesn’t suffice my requirements.

Are you satisfied by your choices?

I have my core team build up through Twitter and Instagram. Facebook gave me incomparable opportunities to network and learn. I am satisfied with my choices.

If need be in future would you still consider hiring through the unpaid social media?

The key is not the payment but a platform where they showcase their best abilities, ideas and strength, to which I can get access.

Saakshi Nagpal
Saakshi Nagpal

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