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Kalyanautsavam in Shree Balaji Temple

We get to celebrate 2 Gudi Padwas in a year – one is Chandramana Ugadi and the other is Sauramana Ugadi. Ugadi is another name for Gudi Padwa or New Year. Yesterday, this festival was celebrated at Shree Balaji Temple, Mira Road, Mumbai.


The programs began from the morning and continued till 9 at night. In the morning, there were abhishekas, Tulasi laksharchana and Maha pooja..Yesterday, it was also Shakashti. Thus, they had performed Gana Homa, as well.

Last evening, they had performed Kalyanautsava since 6 PM. In Tirupati, they perform Kalyanautsava daily in the afternoon. In the Mira Road temple, they perform it once in 4 months.

The celebration is not about performing the wedding of God. That has already happened. We assume the rites and perform it as a form of medication for people. This celebration is for the benefit of the people only. Satsang, kirtan and bhajans are also done with this celebration. At night, there is annadana. People leave the temple with the happiness of having attended the marriage ceremony of a relative.

We will share the story of Lord Venkateshwara and how He got married to Goddess Padmavati, soon.

To be continued…

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