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Guidance Readings – September 2021 (Part III)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – September 2021 (Part III), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the third part of the post.

Guidance Readings – September 2021 (Part III)


The cards predict positive abundance. Life is replete with surprises. Wonderful events can be expected, soon. Minor interruptions at work might be irritating. But, being patient will take you forward in your job. Strong energies are moving in your direction to help you make the right decisions.


Look up to the cosmos for the answers to your questions. Take these thoughts and decide, intuitively. Look out for mood fluctuations.


Indecisions are part of the immediate future. The cards predict miracles in your life. Evaluate your financial situation and take particular care while making decisions. Professional advice will clear any uncertainty about your decisions. Your attention will, currently, be taken up by your near and dear ones.


Take guidance but follow your heart. Upkeep of morality is required, in life. Avoiding compulsive habits is good for you.


The cards predict happiness, creativity and new beginnings for you. A lively heavenly wave will push you forward. Radiate in the positive feeling of the cosmos. Creativity will make inroads into your life and help you achieve great desires.


Meditation can create positive vibes around you. Bring adaptability into your life. Charitable acts will lead to positive Karma.


Sundaravalli would be happy to reply to personalized queries. You can contact her at

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