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Up your immunity to fight COVOID 19 with Ayurveda
Up your immunity to fight COVOID 19 with Ayurveda

Up your immunity to fight COVOID 19 with Ayurveda

We are faced with testing times, right now due to COVOID 19. At this moment, there is no cure available for the common man. Prevention is better than cure. So, Dr. Vivek Chandel, Wellness Manager from Fazlani Nature’s Nest has shared some simple remedies that can be adhered to at home, for avoiding infection. Thus, up your immunity to fight COVOID 19 with Ayurveda.

Up your immunity to fight COVOID 19 with Ayurveda

  1. Take turmeric powder with boiled milk at night.
  2. Boil Giloy (stem of Tinospora cordifolia) in water and take this water morning and evening.
  3. Put two drops of oil or ghee in both nostrils in the morning and evening.
  4. Keep washing your hands with soap for 30 seconds as much possible.
  5. Start the day with Pippali (fruit of long pepper), Tulsi (Basil tree leaves) and ginger tea to cleanse and strengthen the upper respiratory tract.
  6. Use black pepper and turmeric in the daily meals, to boost immunity and reduce ama (toxins). Turmeric can be added to almond milk or to oats for breakfast to prepare a nourishing golden porridge.
  7. Eat fresh, cooked and hygienic vegetarian food. Avoid intake of red meat and any processed meats like bacon, sausage, nuggets, ham, etc.
  8. Take 15 ml of Amla juice (Indian gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica) daily. Optionally, take Chavanprash to supply extra antioxidants and strengthen the immunity.
  9. Keep your body alkaline by drinking lemon juice with warm water.
  10. Drink plenty of warm water. Staying well hydrated will keep the throat and mucous membrane moist, supporting its action as a good barrier to all microbes.
  11. Avoid burdening the body’s vital process by overeating, lack of rest, excessive stress, etc. as these hamper the healing mechanism.
  12. Do Meditation, breathing exercises, Pranayam (bhramari, nadishodhana) to keep your mind calm and relaxed.
  13. Take proper rest and sleep for 6-8hours. While sleeping, our immune system releases cytokines, a major component of the immune system.
  14. Gut microbiota play a major role in improving the immune response. Include plenty of salads in your diet. Make sure the vegetables have been washed properly.
  15. Do Panchakarma (Detoxification Therapy) once a year for purification of your body under the supervision of Ayurveda specialist.

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