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Navaratri Togetherness
Navaratri Togetherness

Navaratri Togetherness

A Journalist Reveals has been receiving opportunities to interview several South Indians this year regarding their celebrations of Navaratri with Golu. In this process, we received the contact of Thane-based Chandrika Acharya and she was kind enough to share inputs regarding the above. She shared about Navaratri togetherness.

Navaratri Togetherness:

Navaratri Togetherness
Chandrika Acharya

This is what Chandrika had to say:

I am here in Thane from 1990. I have been involved in Golu-keeping activity since 2004. It’s our family culture and tradition. For me, it means bhakti, happiness and creativity. My husband and daughters support me during this activity every year.

A very positive energy pervades our house.  We have the custom of inviting people for haldi-kumkum, giving them bangles, coconut, Prasad, singing bajans, playing dandiya, doing aarti. All of these give us a lot of togetherness and spreads happiness. Making arrangements for all these strengthens our mind and body and boosts our energy to work towards all these with a very positive note, which in turn gives me a lot of peace, satisfaction, and joy.

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