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Navaratri Scenes Galore
Navaratri Scenes Galore

Navaratri Scenes Galore

A Journalist Reveals has been sourcing inputs from different South Indian families on Navaratri celebrations. We received a good response and have published about how many of them keep Golus. Out of the blue, one day, we received a mail from Vanitha Srinivasan from Chennai. She shared some information about her Golu with Navaratri scenes galore.

Navaratri Scenes Galore

Navaratri Scenes Galore
Vanitha Srinivasan

Based in Chennai for more than 30 years, now, Vanitha Srinivasan is involved in the Golu activity since childhood. She had the following to say about her Golu activity:

Right from my childhood, I have seen my parents having Golu. After getting married, I took over my in-laws’ tradition. I’m happy that my in-laws home has Golu tradition otherwise it would not have been possible to start. And of course, I thank my parents for inculcating that tradition in me.

My dad is a very creative person and always tries to bring some new theme to the Golu of that year and that inspires me a lot. Year on year he would do something different.

I love doing it as this activity brings out a lot of creativity in me. I’m so proud of my culture, which has a unique way of doing the best to the society and how it has ensured that our epics and history are remembered by all. Besides, I find it amazing, how easy it is to involve children in this festival. Every festival of our country reminds us of our great tradition and culture and something spiritual to that. Therefore, I feel proud when I do this activity.

My Dad is the protagonist, with whom I will decide what would be the theme and my Mom gives us some ideas, too. Dad, who is 75 years old and my 17-year-old daughter execute the project together with me. My daughter enjoys the Golu, the most; right from deciding what the theme will be, to buying all the decorative items, she enjoys. Since her childhood, she has been so involved in the activity and this has helped us share a lot of good stories of our rich culture. We had some beautiful moments, too. This year, she took the responsibility of offering kumkum and vettalai pakku or betel leaves and nuts (traditionally bidding goodbye to guests) and did that task, meticulously.

Navaratri Scenes Galore
Vanitha’s Father

I work for a diplomatic mission and hence many of my American colleagues visited my home for this Golu. They were so surprised to know in detail about the tradition and culture that we follow. I was so proud to talk about all of that and explained everything in detail. More than 100 people visited my Golu this time and I am happy that it was a super hit this year. In fact, Jaya Plus TV channel took some video coverage and telecast my interview for a few seconds. But, they missed showing my entire display.Navaratri Scenes Galore

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