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Sandeep_Unnikrishnan (Pic Courtesey - Wikipedia)
Sandeep_Unnikrishnan (Pic Courtesy - Wikipedia)

A Tribute to Late Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Most South Indians help others whenever they can. Let us talk about Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was born on March 15, 1977. This gallant man singlehandedly not only saved a colleague during the Mumbai Terror Attacks but also took a bullet on his back to save some women hostages. The terrorists were cowardice personified. They shot this brave army officer on his back.

When someone is fated to die, they cannot transfer the order to anyone else. Also, if someone’s bad times have come, they may use their brains in the wrong way. They might even kill someone. But, they end up suffering for their misdeeds. During the Mumbai Terror Attacks, most of the terrorists were killed. Only Kasab was caught and hanged. I am sure he might have regretted every atrocity that he had meted out to Mumbaikars, expecting to have sex with virgins in heaven! Disgusting!

Cowards will always try to hurt innocent people. We pray to God that army officers and other security personnel should learn from incidents like above and they should be able to handle similar situations happening again, in a better manner. We also pray to God that the incident where Major Unnikrishnan was caught alone and had to die due to deception does not happen again. We salute army officers like Major Unnikrishnan and other Indian officers, both martyred and live.

Sandeep_Unnikrishnan (Pic Courtesey - Wikipedia)
Sandeep_Unnikrishnan (Pic Courtesy – Wikipedia)

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