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Nalini Asks

Don’t Compare me with Others

“Look at upstairs’ Kishore. He is good at studies. Be like him. Look at our next-door neighbor Neeta. She is good at hockey. Be like her. Look at Srilata from the neighboring building. She is good at music. Be like her. Your friend Kavya is a good orator. Be like her,” 9-year-old Nalini’s parents would always say.

Nalini Asks
Nalini Asks

One day, the little girl is in deep thoughts. Her parents ask her what had happened. Nalini says, “Can I tell you something?”
They tell her to continue.
The little girl says, “You keep comparing me with so many children. But, I have never felt that you both should be like their parents. I love you as you are. Why?”
The parents were stunned. Readers, can you people reply to this? Think it over.

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