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Shravan Somwar
Shravan Somwar

Shravan Somwar (IInd and Concluding Part)

In the month of Shravan, it is said that Lord Shiva moves about on the earth. There are several forms of Shiva Lingam. Most important one among them is Narmadeshwar, which is formed near the River Narmada. We can attain all kinds of boons when we worship this form of Lingam during Shravan month. The second in importance is Vaidheeshwara Lingam. When worshipped with full faith and devotion, this form of the Lingam cures all kinds of physical and mental ailments. Chanting Vaidhyanath Ashtaka is important in the worship of this Lingam.


Mahamrutyanjaya form is also worshipped for the same purpose. Chanting Mahamrutynjaya Shloka and Mantra is important. Worshipping the Neelakantha form of the Lord removes all fear of poisons including those from animals. The worship is completed only after chanting Neelakantha Ashtaka. Worshipping Margabandhu form of the Lord helps us to find solutions to all kind of problems. Similarly, there are several other forms of the Lingam like Maragada Langam, Parad Lingam, Crystal Lingam, etc. Astrologers suggest the right form of the Lingam to be worshipped for our specific problem, on consultation.


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