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Aamir Khan

Intolerance Reloaded

Like SRK, Aamir Khan has attracted flak for his statements on intolerance. But I had the shock of my life at the anti- reactions to that part of the statement which is really true. What hurts me is that the Actor no 1, who had once been my favourite (I had loved his Andaz Apna Apna) and had the good fortune to meet, for an interview many years ago, has stated that he is thinking on the lines of leaving the country on the suggestion of his wife Kiran.
I would like to ask him did he have a sister, who has been threatened to be raped because she is a single woman? My Mom a senior citizen and I have been threatened now and then with this consequence and that they will hit my Mom and me with chappal and shoes.
Our fault? We did not allow to be ruled over by the female living in our neighbouring flat and decided to live our lives the way we want. Her son hit my Mom’s hand with a chappal when she was making a rangoli right outside our door 3 years ago. She is still going through physiotherapy for that hand and has still not recovered.
That woman has also created the impression that we are available. Due to that impression, besides her husband, another man from our building, belonging to a minority religious community (if I mention the name of the community, there will be riots all over again. I think that’s a hint enough), where they can marry as many times they want, has also threatened us. The man is at least 2 decades older than me. They keep saying that they will insert chappal and other large things in you know what. I don’t have to mention anything further. They want to repeat the Nirbhaya episode.
No matter how many times I have made the indication that we are not interested, he is persistently making dirty gestures. He has even followed me to areas around our place to keep watching me. I don’t know what he gets from that.
They want us to leave this place. Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, I was wondering how much I will be able to hold my ground. However, after watching Aamir’s interview I have realized that holding ground is important. Running away is cowardice. If our freedom fighters had run away from our country when she was a slave to the British, would they have gained the freedom, we enjoy today?
Yes, I know I have to hold my ground till my last breath and I have decided to dig my heels into the ground, so that they cannot uproot us. He just has to try to touch me and he had it. I am going to kill him. I don’t carry a Swiss knife with me for nothing. I am sure the insensitive and inactive police will then stir into action and put me into jail. Yes, I am waiting for that moment. If this is what it takes to be heard, so be it.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Coming to Aamir again, if influential people like him are helpless, in the situation, what will be the fate of common people like us?


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