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Work from Home
Work from Home

Work from Home Tips

In the wake of the Covid-19, several corporates have begun to encourage a ‘work from home’ culture in their employees to ensure their wellness and well-being. Post Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address on Wednesday, it became all the way more essential for all offices to practice sincere work from home and for all individuals to maintain social distancing.

Work from Home

Corporate wellness aggregator firm Get a Life Fitness (GALF) highly supports the concept of working from home during these times as a pandemic as such can only be contained if self-isolation is practiced. GALF acknowledges the difficulties an individual may face while working from home and believes that with certain tips and tricks, this entire process becomes a whole lot easier. HalfGlassFull which is an innovative digital marketing and advertising company created a campaign for GALF wherein they could demonstrate to their audience and clients, which is a large network of corporate employees, as to how they could use simple strategies and methods to ensure that working from home becomes more cheerful, efficient and fruitful.

“Working from home is still a new concept in India; most individuals do not have the luxury of a separate room dedicated to work, which is why we decided to put together a series of work from home tips to assist employees in practicing remote working efficiently. We’re all in this difficult time together, we need to cooperate for the larger good and also ensure our own well-being while at it,” said Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF.

In times like these, it is easy for people to get anxious, confused and start worrying about what to do. People may also observe their productivity levels decreasing and feel a lack of motivation to drive their spirit. This collaborative effort by GALF and HalfGlassFull was a fun and frolic way to ensure that individuals working from home feel optimistic and driven. Following tips were conveyed with the use of relatable sketches to leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind:

  1. taking short breaks or power naps,
  2. spending time with family to feel happier,
  3. dressing up neat and sitting at one’s desk as seriously as they would at work.

Team HalfGlassFull feels, “The idea is to present a set of tips in a fun way to engage the audience and keep the mood lighthearted and people refreshed. We believe that this campaign is everything that GALF as a brand stands for, which is wellness at work. With all the panic and distress caused by the current pandemic, we truly hope that this campaign adds value to and lifts the spirits of everyone that is trying their best to be productive from their own homes.”

About GALF

Get A Life Fitness LLP (Popularly known as GALF®) is a fast-growing wellness aggregator firm. GALF is based in Mumbai, have PAN India presence and global aspirations. MyGALF Wellness Mobile App and customized interventions based holistic wellness ecosystem can create a differentiating factor for employers and brands.


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